Lucille - finally online!

A few years back, I left my job and went to study animation full-time at the Victorian College of the Arts here in Melbourne.

It was an intensive year. When they said the course was full-time, they really meant it!
Working on our films, many of us pretty much lived in “the cave”, the VCA animation studio, animating in a caffeinated haze from 9 in the morning to 10:30 at night, at which point we’d get pushed out the door by the surly security guard.

I spent a few months working on a script for my final film, tweaking, developing and editing. Then at the last minute, just before I had to start production, a visit to a guitar shop inspired me to change plans and bang out a brand new script for what became ‘Lucille’. Readers of this blog may recall a few posts about the process of creating this film.

I’ve played in a couple of bands, and visiting guitar shops was always an excruciating experience. But it’s hard not to look at the funny side of them too. Those shops are full of odd little details, and characters who relish in living up to their own clich├ęs.
A guitar shop is a concentrated mix of pent-up musical frustration, raging egos, trepidation and hope, and this is what I’ve tried to convey with this film.

Now that ‘Lucille’ has finished it’s festival travels, I can finally release it into the wilderness of the internet.
Hope you enjoy it!

Music is by Matt Lewin


Amy said...

This was really cute. I'm a guitar player myself and loved the acoustic bit at the end. :D

Leon said...

Hey..maaa haawaas lehawa haaaaa. haawww. Love it

Penny said...

Love it! So so cute, and the guitar shop man is just perfect :)

MrBibleHead said...

I love Lucille Tali! So cute and great angles. .. especially looking down the neck of the guitar at the finger work. Bravo!

Jaymie said...

oh wow!
so cute!
welldone :) you clever thing.

Elizabeth said...

Really enchanting! Three of my four daughters play guitar and this sums up our music shop experience perfectly. I love that she floats away from it all in her music at the end. Lovely piece.

Elizabeth said...

By the way, I just submitted "Lucille" to Stumbleupon so I hope you get loads of new fans!!!! Keep up the wonderful work!

Linda said...

I can hardly imagine how much work went into this film - I'm truly impressed also with the music and everything - just great! I'm happy I stumbled upon it!
Linda // www.paperphine.com

Morph Waffle said...

So super awesome. When I got my undergrad degree my main focus was traditional 2D animation and nothing I made came out as cute or cool as this. Go make more animation, I want to see more, great great stuff.