busy busy busy

Yep! It's been busy times down at the uni animation studio.
Everyone has been getting down to business working on their final short films.
Some people are doing stop-motion animation, so hammers, drills and glue are flying about in the workshop. The rest of us are doing 2d animation, so we're either hunched over the light box or the computer screen, and scribbling away.

I recorded a couple of fantastic actors from the VCA drama school the other week. I just sit at my desk and giggle under the headphones every time I listen back to the recordings. They are too funny, and it will be hard to edit down the audio. so much gold.

An actor's performance can really give you a new perspective on a character. The improv just goes places you never would have thought of yourself. It's great involving more people in a film when animation can be such a self-contained process.

Here's a little still that's actually coloured.
So far I've been animating the linework, and leaving the colouring til last.



Well - I've decided to draw my animation frame-by-frame, but straight into flash. A sort of compromise between the two approaches I was considering before. I'm hoping this will help me loosen up my drawings a little.
Here's a few little examples of what I've been working on..

A rough model sheet for my girl character

This is Mark the poor embittered guitar shop guy, and his many wondrous hairstyles.
Bottom left wins. I drew a lot of quiffs that week...

And here he is in his element - apathetic behind the counter!


Illo Friday: Missing

This is the first time in forever that i haven't done the illo at the last minute on a friday. ha! Procrastination is not always the enemy of creativity! Now.. ermm.. i should get back to designing backgrounds for the animation.