I've always wanted to have some of my digital illustrations professionally printed, and when I had some present giving to do, it seemed the perfect opportunity.
I used ImageScience, a place in North Melbourne that specialises in printing giclee prints onto canvas and archival cotton papers. They were highly recommended by Lara over at Kirin Notebook.

I'm quite happy with how they came out, what do you think?


In the paper

Hey, i got a little write up in the local rag! They're so nice.
That's me and my two clones. I get them to do all the drawing for me, while i sit back and smoke cigars.


more moo cards

heehee! I had fun drawing this little illustration for matt's moo cards, trying to incorporate a bit of fabric texture.
Just check out those bellbottoms. GOLD!


Home soil goodness

holy crap!

I've been selected as a Dendy Award finalist, as part of the Sydney Film Festival! Lucille has been shortlisted for the Yoram Gross Animation Award.

It's an amazing honour to be shortlisted, especially alongside films by Australian animation industry veterans.

It's great to see another VCA film, and a distinctly Melbournian film, 296 Smith St, nominated for a Dendy as well.