What I wore today

Brrr... of course, there was a giant coat too - but it's invisible here so you can see what's under it!


Illustrators Australia A3 Print Show

Why yes, you are invited!
I have a piece in this year's Illustrators Australia A3 Print show!!
The exhibition opens this Friday night, and is part of the Northern Exposure Festival in Northcote. Very excited to see some amazing work by Aussie illustrators.. come check it out on Friday and have a drink!



Here's a bit of silliness I animated for the new animation loop night, Loop De Loop, which is happening monthly here in Melbourne.
Their first theme was 'Launch'. I animated an office laser launch accident.

It just so happens that Launch is the theme on Illustration Friday right now too!! coincidink!

If you get stressed out like Bob does, why not submit an animated loop for this month's theme, opposites?