2012 mini calendar

My 2012 mini calendar is here!
This year, I'm printing the calendars on some lovely, heavy card stock that I've sourced, which is 100% recycled and has super eco-friendly credentials.
So even if I do kill a few pot plants around the house, at least I can try to save a few trees.
All of my greeting cards will also be printed on 100% recycled paper from now on. Yay!
It's all a part of making Milk and Cookies a little greener for 2012.
Hmm, Green milk? Green cookies? Well, why not!


I Dream a Highway

This year I'm participating in the Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition.
IA takes the idea from the 1890 exhibition in Melbourne by the Heidelberg School, where artists painted on 9 x 5 inch cigar box lids.
I was very excited and a little intimidated by the 9x5 piece of wood I got in the mail from IA, along with the theme 'rapture'. After much deliberating and sketchedoodling, I decided on an image and got to work with my poor neglected gouache paints.
It was really nice and relaxing holding a paintbrush again, instead of a wacom pen! Here's the finished painting, I Dream A Highway.

I got too carried away to take process pics, but here's the painting just before it was done. Just a few lines left.

Each time I dipped my brush, I wiped the excess paint off on a spare piece of paper, and this ended up as a crazy new image.. or is it a painting of the music she is playing? Or is it statistical data on the number of times a brush is dipped vs painting surface area? You decide!
If you'd like to come along, the exhibition open at 6pm on Friday 14th of October, at 39 Collins St, Melbourne. Right next door to Bar Lourinha!