beginning and endings

The animation is finished! The academic year is all but over, and the VCA film school premiere screenings are ahead.

Melbournites, my animation will screen at ACMI on the following dates:
Fri 7 at 9.00 pm
Thur 13 at 7.00 pm
Sat 15 at 9.45 pm

It screens in Program A, which also includes a doco I had the pleasure of contributing to - Made In Australia, by Amie Batalibasi.
The doco takes a personal look at the lives of Vietnamese outworkers in Melbourne. These are migrants who work from home, sewing clothes for major Australian retailers.
The industry is characterised by sweat shop conditions - extremely low pay, long working hours, heavy workloads, unreasonable deadlines and strenuous working conditions. And yes, this happens here in our country!

I did some rotoscoping for the film:And the most important news... Australia has finally voted out the conservative liberal government after 11 years. (who knows why "liberal" appears in their name). This day was a long time coming.
If only this guy could have announced the results:


cups and cuddles

I went to the opening of the cups and cuddles exhibition last night, and can't recommend it enough. So any melbourne people reading, go check it out!
Lovely work by local ladies. I especially loved the delicate work of Catherine Campbell. Sigh sigh sigh. Beautiful stuff.



no posts in a month?! i've been neglecting this poor blog (not to mention my social life.. sorry friends!) as the end of the year approaches, and the deadline for the final animation looms.

A number of us have been practically living in the animation studio, staying there to work until the security guards come to kick us out at 10:30 every night. But the end is near!

Everyone is in the process of doing their final online edits and sound mixes. I'm still recording some foley with Matt, and synching up audio to my animation.
Yesterday, we spent an hour making sizzling noises by dropping burning matches into a glass of water. We had a dry old box of matches to work with, so it was quite an effort to actually light the little buggers, and only a few of them worked! Enough to get a few good takes at least.

The good news is - I've finished the visual side of things! Or at least - It's beyond my control now, as I've already transferred the visuals to betacam. So no more endless tinkering. (damn).
Here are some stills from the film. Oh, and i've settled on the title 'Lucille'. Titles are the hardest!