Illustrators Australia Auction for Japan

Illustrators Australia is holding an online auction of member's artworks, with 100% of profits going to Red Cross Australia's Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal.
So if you've had your eye on some tasty artwork for your walls, here's your chance to buy it and do some good as well.

I've donated 'The Chaperone' print, which you can bid on right here, or head to the auction page to check out more lovely works by talented aussies.


These are the bears of our lives

Last week at the Craft Hatch market, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Jess of Teddy Bear's Wednesday.

Jess makes the most gorgeous bears and softies, as I'm sure you'd all agree, and I'm very happy to have taken home this lovely bunny, Pearl.

I think Jess has a great philosophy about her bears and toys. She writes:
"A more worn and loved bear is apparently 'less valuable' but I believe that he is more valuable in a way that can't be measured because he has the marks of love and the scars of life on him."

It instantly made me think of my own childhood bear, who I will share with you today on my blog. Here he is, My oldest friend, who has been with me since I was born.

When I was a kid, I tore out his eye and threw it over the balcony, because I was really interested in watching things fall. A few years later, I had pangs of guilt over my teddy's eye, and went digging in the garden down below our apartment, looking for it, but it was too late.

So my bear has the marks and scars of a tough life in my company, but he is still with me, and like a true friend, I could never throw him out with the garbage.


Book Love!

My etsy shop was mentioned in the recently released Hide & Seek Melbourne book!! Yay!!
This great little set of books (food, bars, shopping & street adventures) showcases the hidden little treasures of Melbourne, and I was included in the shopping edition, 'Treasure Trove'. So chuffed!
It just made me think how long it's been since I've actually gone shopping. My mini sized feet could do with some new shoes!

Though I might not get the chance to go shopping this weekend, I will be on the other side of the counter, selling my goodies at Fairy Floss Markets in Williamstown, this Sunday from 9-2. Drop by if you're in the area!