Illustrator Spotlight: Ina Hattenhauer

I've just discovered the super sweet work of Ina Hattenhauer, an illustrator from Weimar.

The image above is so endearing. It brought back memories of all the grandmas in the neighbourhood I grew up in, beating their carpets with a rug beater just like this.

Ina has a blog full of lovely illustrations, and a weekly comic published every Sunday featuring the fabulous Sun. Here's Sun, chilling out on a grey Sunday afternoon with good tunes, something sweet to eat, and a furry friend to cuddle. Sounds like a plan!


The Design Files + Giveaway time!!

A big thanks to Lucy Feagins of The Design Files, for featuring my work today! The Design Files is one of my favourite blogs, always full of tasty inspiration, and with a real Australian focus which I love.
It's certainly an honour to be featured, so before I burst into an embarrassing happy dance, you should head over there for your chance to win a little giveaway pack of Milk and Cookies goodies - 1 print + 1 mini calendar + 3 cards!


Two new prints!

Now up in le shoppe!
It's always exciting getting new prints fresh from the printer's for the first time. Seeing work on paper is so different to seeing it on screen. It takes on a new life.


2010 is all wrapped up

Check out this cute present I got from Matt for chanuxmas !
It came in this spectacular packaging.

Yes - I felt like I was 11 years old unwrapping this.
What could it be? a cd? a jumper (or sweater as some people in the northern hemisphere call it)?

A gorgeous print from 'Hidden Eloise'!

This bear and girl business has been an ongoing theme for me in 2010. I think in 2011 I need to go and meet some new wild animals.
Is there some kind of dangerous animal social club I could join? Perhaps a trip to Melbourne zoo will have to do.

Last time I visited the zoo I was still quite enamoured with the bears

oh forget it, I really can't get over my bear obsession - it's here to stay.
So deja-vu - I'm drawing them again! Here's a little bear sketch to celebrate the new year.
Happy new year everyone!!