2010 is all wrapped up

Check out this cute present I got from Matt for chanuxmas !
It came in this spectacular packaging.

Yes - I felt like I was 11 years old unwrapping this.
What could it be? a cd? a jumper (or sweater as some people in the northern hemisphere call it)?

A gorgeous print from 'Hidden Eloise'!

This bear and girl business has been an ongoing theme for me in 2010. I think in 2011 I need to go and meet some new wild animals.
Is there some kind of dangerous animal social club I could join? Perhaps a trip to Melbourne zoo will have to do.

Last time I visited the zoo I was still quite enamoured with the bears

oh forget it, I really can't get over my bear obsession - it's here to stay.
So deja-vu - I'm drawing them again! Here's a little bear sketch to celebrate the new year.
Happy new year everyone!!


Rabbit Town Animator said...

hahahahaha, yes, looks like you have a case of drawing-bear-itis. Nothing serious and your character is very cute.

Linda Hensley said...

I think you should keep doing the bears. Nice job!

Missy said...

That's a beautiful print and wrapping. Bears are awesome, you draw them very cutely, as I can see in your illustratione here, so keep up the cuteness.

Denise Holmes said...

cute bear!

Jack Foster said...

Love this little guy! Happy New Year Tali!

Trekky said...

Your bear is so cute & what a great jumper he is wearing!!

Xiao Hong Lin said...

The bear look really cute. I happen to have a classmate who is obsessed with owl/birds. I think you should keep drawing bear.

Tracy said...

That's OK...I've been drawing PIGS like crazy :) I love the argyle sweater your bear is wearing! He's adorable all the way around :)