Illustrator Spotlight: Ina Hattenhauer

I've just discovered the super sweet work of Ina Hattenhauer, an illustrator from Weimar.

The image above is so endearing. It brought back memories of all the grandmas in the neighbourhood I grew up in, beating their carpets with a rug beater just like this.

Ina has a blog full of lovely illustrations, and a weekly comic published every Sunday featuring the fabulous Sun. Here's Sun, chilling out on a grey Sunday afternoon with good tunes, something sweet to eat, and a furry friend to cuddle. Sounds like a plan!


Kelly Medina said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful find. I love the style and off to look at the blog. Yay!

hallo heute said...

Tali! Thank you so much for your kind post!! I'm a bit blushing right now;) And I'm happy I triggered one of your childhood memories. They are always sweet to remember! Have a happy sunday! :)

fortyfourhat said...

I love your style.

julia said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing.