Mel Stringer

Mel Stringer, Brisbane illustrator and comic artist extraordinaire has just written a little blog post about Milk and Cookies. How excitement!
I've been checking out Mel’s lovely work for a while, and some of you may have seen her illustrations in Frankie Mag.
I love her sweet angry girls with their big thighs.

Mel sells her artwork and zines on Etsy at her girliepains store, and she’s just opened a second store called sweetlittlefelt, where she sells cute mini felted critters!

It’s nice to get this little vote of confidence from an artist I think is tops. Thanks Mel!
Check out more of her delicious artwork on flickr.


New prints in the shop + waiting for Spring

Just posted 4 new prints up in the shop! Huzzah!
It has been so rainy and dreary here in Melbourne, that I've been finding it really hard to photograph these new prints. It's always too dark!
Well, last Saturday afternoon, the sun decided it would pop out from behind the clouds for 30 second intervals, during which I would quickly run to the living room, falling all over myself, and try to take a photo while some shred of sunlight shone through the windows.
There - the graceful mystique is shattered.

Can we please just skip the rest of this Winter business and go straight to Spring?


Bernhard Schnitzel - Attorney of Law

If I had to face court, I would have no-one but Bernhard Schnitzel representing me.


Lucille - finally online!

A few years back, I left my job and went to study animation full-time at the Victorian College of the Arts here in Melbourne.

It was an intensive year. When they said the course was full-time, they really meant it!
Working on our films, many of us pretty much lived in “the cave”, the VCA animation studio, animating in a caffeinated haze from 9 in the morning to 10:30 at night, at which point we’d get pushed out the door by the surly security guard.

I spent a few months working on a script for my final film, tweaking, developing and editing. Then at the last minute, just before I had to start production, a visit to a guitar shop inspired me to change plans and bang out a brand new script for what became ‘Lucille’. Readers of this blog may recall a few posts about the process of creating this film.

I’ve played in a couple of bands, and visiting guitar shops was always an excruciating experience. But it’s hard not to look at the funny side of them too. Those shops are full of odd little details, and characters who relish in living up to their own clich├ęs.
A guitar shop is a concentrated mix of pent-up musical frustration, raging egos, trepidation and hope, and this is what I’ve tried to convey with this film.

Now that ‘Lucille’ has finished it’s festival travels, I can finally release it into the wilderness of the internet.
Hope you enjoy it!

Music is by Matt Lewin


Spacecadet Lullabies

Hey - you know that guy I live with? Matt? My... husband?
He's rather nice. And quite funny. And also - he's a musician.
We've collaborated on a lot of creative projects, and in fact, he wrote and performed the music for all of my short films.

He's got a solo project called Spacecadet Lullabies, where he creates ambient electronica using real instruments, vocals and sounds recorded around the house. This coming September he's releasing his second album, 'Ghost Songs'.

Last weekend, our buddies from Kick Kick Punch directed a music video for one of his new tracks "Tali Meets Mr Ricketts", which I did some vocals on.
Matt and I found ourselves awkwardly in front of the camera, with a dozen glowing, floating jellyfish made of wire, fabric, crochet tentacles and LED lights.

Photos by Ryan Humphries

A number of ladies spent countless hours crocheting and constructing these wonderous jellies, what an achievement! They looked amazing.

Photos by Chloe Gordon

Check out more photos on the Kick Kick Punch blog

The clip is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can hear some tracks on Matt's myspace, or check out his blog!