New prints in the shop + waiting for Spring

Just posted 4 new prints up in the shop! Huzzah!
It has been so rainy and dreary here in Melbourne, that I've been finding it really hard to photograph these new prints. It's always too dark!
Well, last Saturday afternoon, the sun decided it would pop out from behind the clouds for 30 second intervals, during which I would quickly run to the living room, falling all over myself, and try to take a photo while some shred of sunlight shone through the windows.
There - the graceful mystique is shattered.

Can we please just skip the rest of this Winter business and go straight to Spring?


Carla said...

I agree. It hasn't stopped raining here for weeks, it seems, and I can't stop moaning about it. I am desperate for a little bit of spring sunshine to arrive!

Anonymous said...

these are darling.