Illo Friday: rejected

I love the theme on Illo Friday this week.
I was going to illustrate this, but thought it would look sillier as a photo.
nasty, nasty lemons!


Illo Friday: Suit

Is this cheating? I'm going to use some images I baked previously for this week's Illustration Friday.
Here's a character design I sketched for an animation exercise earlier this year. An ageing newsreader.

And here's how he looked in the finished product! As you can see, he's very excited to broadcast to the masses.

He was made of a wood and wire armature, covered in plasticine, with a removable jaw.
It was really fun to make.I haven't 'sculpted' anything in years. It feels great making something with my hands, even if it is a grumpy newsreader with a receding hairline.


The mayhem comes to an end

Well, the animation is almost done! Just a few more tweaks, and it should be finished.

It might seem like I've done nothing, as I've hardly posted about it. But i've spent most of my time these last 5 weeks at the studio, drawing drawing and drawing. My poor hand is taking revenge on me by refusing to function properly. Stupid hand.

Here is another sketch I did while developing the character:


Illo Friday: Cars

Here's an oldie i had lying around. It fit the bill for this week's Illustration Friday topic.
It's the fantasy of being a race car driver you have when you play with those little toy cars.

Uni has been frantically busy the last few weeks, so I've neglected poor bloggo...
But in between lack of sleep and lack of sanity, I will have finished my new animation in the next week. yay!