Here’s a bunch of photos from my week at the Munich international Festival of Film Schools, where Crooked was screening.

Beautiful Munich!

checking in at the festival lounge – the festival staff were awesome

The audience at the Film museum, where all the screenings were held

After every film, there was a Q & A with the director. I think we were all really nervous at first, but the hosts were fantastic, and asked great questions.
I don’t know what the hell I’m saying here… I must be talking about my great boxing skills.
Tour of the Bavarian film studio, of which the most interesting part was... wardrobe of course!

Apparently, most of the wartime uniforms were originals from the time. creepy!

Nothing remained of the pancake with almonds and apple mousse,apart from memories and an oily pan. Yum!

Of course, the real highlight was meeting directors from all over the world, and seeing some damn good films..
one of my favourites was a film called And Thou Shalt Love, by the talented Chaim Elbaum. Check out the trailer: