for illustration friday...

I've noticed I usually tend to go for subdued colours. I don't know why, my brain just always picks those colours first... So I tried to push myself with this one and use a more vibrant pallette.

I kept going with this illustration all evening... sometimes it's hard to know when it's actually finished and it's time to stop!

clickety for a close up

Atom Awards

Both my films, Lucille and Crooked, have been shortlisted for an ATOM award for animation!
ATOM is the Australian Teachers of Media, and they hold awards annually for film, TV and new media.
It's a great honour, thanks ATOM!

Now enough talking, time for some imagery... will post a new illustration up soon!


retro future

Here's a teeny little retro-future graphic I did for work, which didn't end up being used. It was a fun little job though - robots, rockets, what more could you ask for?
Click on the image to view it (slightly) bigger.