Kids and Lucille at Fed Square

I forgot to post this pic up earlier, but here is the screening of Lucille at Federation Square.
Just before my film came on, a huge crowd of schoolkids swarmed in and sat down to watch, which is great, as they were a good audience.

It's interesting what they laugh at!
One thing's for sure, kids think bums are very funny! :)

Screenings in Beijing, Bradford and Munich!

Is it really November? How did that happen?

'Crooked' is showing at a bunch of festivals over the next 2 weeks.
So, if you're reading this and you just happen to be in Beijing, you can catch it at the International Student Film & Video Festival.
It's also screening at the lovely Bradford Animation Festival in the UK, where you can see it this Thursday and Friday in the Short Shorts program.

But the most exciting news is that this weekend, I'll be flying to Munich to attend the Munich International Festival of Film Schools. It's one of the top student festivals, and will be screening 44 films from around the world.

That is damn excitement! :D

Now.. what am I going to read on that 27 hour flight from Australia...