to painter or not to painter

I've been trying out a program called Corel Painter, that we were introduced to at uni. It imitates real artists materials.
I do like the fact that there's a program out there that can achieve these kind of real textures, but at the same time, it feels that.. well... isn't it easier to use a real pencil?

I guess there's no undo button in real life :)

Below is the pengi I created for this week's Illustration Friday topic - Polar.


constance said...

aw...I think this penguin's very cute :)

Kstyles said...

He's adorable!

Mester Kata's Illustrations, cards... said...

Very cute, i like it

dina said...

I prefer the real pencil :)
it´s easier if you want to do something in right moment :)