In development..

Here's a sneak peek into my next animation project. This will be the main character.
I'm still at development stage, and I keep changing my mind about what style of animation to go for - hand-drawn or flash. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hand drawing means you have to draw all the in-betweens yourself. That means almost every frame, and with 25 frames per second, that's a lot of repetitive drawing!

Flash cuts out some of the in-between drawings. However, it can look quite flat and.. well.. 'flashy' at times. So even if I used it, I'd be tempted to animate frame by frame, mirroring the hand-drawn process.

decisions decisions!

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Eliza J├Ąppinen said...

Great stuff! Have you checked out a program called tv-paint. It's very good when doing hand drawn style of animation and may cut a few corners. It's not vector based but at least you won't have to scan. Plus it has great brush choices. It's also affordable :)