Love me post office ladies

Now that the films are finished, I’ve been getting to know the grumpy ladies at the post office very well. Every time I go there to send off my dvds, I bombard them with thrilling questions about international postage, couriers, and customs forms. Oh, the joy on their faces when they see me coming.

So, not too many pictures of creative work to show for now. Instead, let me point you to an artist I found out about recently.

Mixed Emotions is a visual blog by Israeli artist, Rutu Modan, created for the New York Times.
Looks like the blog is finished, but you can still view the 6 narratives on the website. I love the stories she has chosen to tell about her life and family.

Modan also published a graphic novel last year, Exit Wounds, which has been getting great reviews.

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beautiful blog..thanks for the comments