Illustrator Profile: Jon Klassen

Every so often I see an artist that makes me want to throw down my pencil, throw out my sketchbooks, and pursue a career in accounting.
Mrs Black, my uninspiring year 9 maths teacher made sure that would never happen. Thanks a lot Mrs Black!

Melodrama aside, the work of Jon Klassen is rocking my socks at the moment.
And rather than making me want to commit career suicide, it's making me want to plaster his beautiful works all over my walls.
He was an artist on the soon-to-be-released stop-motion animated feature, Coraline, where he worked on visual development of props and sets. Check out the development drawings on his website - interesting!

He also blogs, and sells his prints at Nucleus Gallery, just incase you all want to buy me a print, wink wink!

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Paul Ducco said...

an eye for Annai...is so beautiful. And Jon is a really nice guy. Contacted him a while back.

Also a big fan.