US trip recap

We visited the US in September, and I've been meaning to do a little recap on the blog, so here it is.

On our second night in New York, we went to see Mos Def do a show on Governor’s Island. After catching the subway in the wrong direction on an express train all the way uptown (damn tourists!), we made our way back downtown and caught the ferry over. I think that view of Manhattan from the outdoor venue was worth it!

Post concert 3am food emergency.. we found a place where you could draw on the tables until your food arrived. Yay!

So much amazing architecture in New York – here’s the entrance to the Chrysler Building. I’m just waiting for some robots to roll out of those revolving doors. It’s such a crazy vision of the future from way back.

My life is now complete – we went to see Aretha Franklin perform at Radio City Hall...

...which is a beautiful venue!

Just look at the bathrooms!

Checked out Brooklyn with a friend who lives there – thanks joey, you’re awesome! Brooklyn is awesome!

We stayed in the west village, right near magnolia bakery, and right near this restaurant, Extra Virgin. It gets my tick of approval (seared tuna with roast artichoke and herb mash? Yes I think so.)

Next, we headed to San Francisco, where, listen up Aussies, we discovered that if you order a double-shot coffee, you don’t get a strong coffee, you get a coffee the size of a bowl of soup.

Do you think he’ll order another one? Maybe once he resurfaces from his swim

Yes, it's all about the food. We ate this photogenic breakfast at farm : table. Toast with mascarpone, fresh figs, hazelnuts and pomegranate. They have only 3 items on the menu which changes every day, depending on what they feel like making.

The pirate store at 826 Valencia st – Where you can get all your pirating needs, and see writing workshops in action out the back.

Apparently, when the founders couldn’t get a place to hold their regular workshops, they found this empty shopfront in Valencia St, but the council rules stated that any store had to be ‘retail” or “catering”. And that’s how the pirate supply store was born.
This place is amazing. All over the store there are handmade signs hanging up, full of hilarious pirate wisdom. You can read some at the gallery of signs on their website.

Yosemite National Park – One of our favourite parts of the trip, and where I almost ran straight into a black bear.

But that's another story...

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