Super news + beating the Long Winter Coma

Winter has suddenly hit us, and Melbourne is in a state of shock. 
I'm in serious denial that it really, truly is coat + gloves + scarf + beanie weather (might be a good time of year to learn how to knit!).

Despite the sudden frosty temperature, and the sudden desire to eat large bowls of hip-widening comfort food, while strewn on the couch with the heater turned on full blast, I have been doing my best not to give in to the Long Winter Coma.
You know the one, right? The one you wake up from in Spring, bleary eyed in the sunlight, wondering where the last few months of your life have gone, and who ate all the chocolate.

Beating the coma means making some Winter resolutions...  like:  work on fun creative projects! See your friends and reduce the Winter hermit syndrome! Cook some good food! Go out to see some bands!

Any other ideas? What do you do in Winter to stop yourself from crawling under the doona for 3 months straight?

I also have some very exciting news from Milk and Cookies HQ - you can now find my prints stocked at Meet Me at Mikes! The cutest little shop on Brunswick St, run by the lovely Pip Lincolne, who has penned some very popular crafty DIY books!
These might be just the books to keep you occupied with some crafty projects this Winter. Head over to her blog for some more tutorials and all around crafty goodness.
I'm pretty excited about my first stockist. It's rather nice seeing my prints in a real, non-online shop, let alone a cute shop like Mikes. yay!


Sandra Eterovic said...

Tali congratulations on having your prints stocked at Meet Me at Mike's! They will walk out.
I would love to know the answer to the hibernation question -- I am fast becoming a hermit who only watches Masterchef and looks for the next yummy snack.

Carla said...

I was in your lovely Melbourne at Easter and couldn't believe how warm and sunny it was...now back in stormy NZ and already in flannelette pyjamas, bedsocks and like Sandra, addicted to Masterchef. There is no hope for me...

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

i'm already wearing a scarf indoors! feels like it's going to be a long one! very wize to plan ahead re the coma.
congrats on having prints in mikes :)

Anonymous said...

No hope for me too. .depressed ����