A card a day #5 & #6

I clearly forgot to post yesterday's cards up on the blog, so here's a big triple card post.
Yesterday I designed a Chanukah card. Why should xmas get all the love?

I soon got a special request to design a Festivus card. How could I refuse? Prepare for the Airing of Grievances! Bring on the Feats of Strength!
I was actually asked once, in all seriousness, whether Jews celebrate Festivus. Of course, I had to say Yes (Followed quickly by No). Here's a Festivus refresher, to remind us all of the history of this special holiday.

And today's card was inspired by that memorable xmas carol, called Fa La La La La La La La La.
That is the title, right? ;)

Whatever holiday you celebrate, hope this year's will be a joyful one.
Happy Sunday!


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